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To Get High Scores

Drivers gain higher scores based on their daily driving behaviour. Our platform transforms the driving data into score based on how well you drive.

To Better Your Skills

Bad driving behaviours such as lifting phones during driving, hard-braking, and aggressive accelaration often cause unnecessary accidents. All of these driving behaviour will be evaluated. Rewards and reminders are used to shape better driving behaviour.

To Be The Best Among Others

Now you can compete with fellow drivers on our platfom to see who drives better - see who can score higher!

To Earn Miles

The more you drive, the more mileage you can earn. It's that simple!

To Redeem Rewards

Use you earned mileage to redeem for rewards. Only a few clicks on our app and that's all it takes!

How We Can Help

UBI Analysis & Reduce Loss Costs

Transforming driving data into scores allows the most accurate driving behaviour of a driver to be determined. Our score cards helps tranlsate to the most reasonable premiums to drivers.

About OMyCar

Our Mission

  • We build an always-connected platform for cars and drivers delivering up-to-the-minute crowd-sourced traffic and other essential information.
  • We devote our business to the latest information technologies with a data-driven business model.
  • We help shape better driver behavior through the ecosystem we build and the information it shares.